The Eclipse plugin to find bugs and quality issues as you code.

Simply open a file within a project, start coding, and you will start seeing issues detected by SonarLint.

SonarLint for Eclipse in action, with underlined code, issue list and issue details.
Languages Works with Standalone Connected
Java Eclipse See rules
JavaScript Eclipse See rules
PHP Eclipse See rules
Python Eclipse See rules
ABAP Eclipse See rules
C/C++ Eclipse CDT See rules
COBOL CA DE for z Systems
Compuware Topaz
Visual COBOL
See rules
PL/I CA DE for z Systems
Compuware Topaz
See rules
PL/SQL Eclipse See rules
RPG Eclipse See rules
Analyze changed files
Run an analysis to find issues in the files you have just modified.
Open rule description
Get help with the rule description. It helps you understand the issue and how to solve it.

Connected to SonarQube and SonarCloud

Benefit from continuous code quality, connecting SonarLint to your SonarQube server or to SonarCloud. SonarLint uses the code analyzers, rules and settings that are used to analyze your project on the server.

Mark an issue as Won't Fix or False Positive on the server and the issue disappears from your IDE.