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Install SonarLint in your IDE

SonarLint is a free IDE extension and is available directly from
your favourite IDE marketplace.

SonarLint plugin available in cLionSonarLint
Detect Code Quality
and Code Security issues on the fly
in CLion

Install for Free
  • Version 6.7.0
  • Released
  • Compatible with C++
  • Compatible with C

The best tool for C++ & C static analysis

Whether you’re building embedded systems or operating systems, your users are depending on you for safe, reliable functionality.

Our static code analyzer contains hundreds of rules dedicated to C++ and C and we’re adding more all the time. From the mundane issues to the elusive ones, SonarLint highlights them and helps you fix them.

Pick a rule category and see examples!

Bring your team for added fun!

Pair SonarLint with SonarCloud or SonarQube and the entire team can align on clean
coding best practices and deliver consistent results.

SonarLint can be used together with SonarQube or SonarCloud

SonarLint fixes issues in your IDE while SonarCloud/SonarQube analyze pull requests and feature branches so the main branch is always ready for a clean, secure release!

Get your team on the same page Get your team on the same page

  • Everyone uses the same Code Quality and Code Security definition (rules)
  • Share project settings (such as code exclusions) at a team level
  • Team members are notified if a breaking change makes it to the main branch
Discover all team benefits

I’m in! How do I activate this in SonarLint?

First connect to a server via the SonarLint General Settings,
then bind the project under SonarLint Project Settings.

Flexibility for your workflow

Out-of-the-box, SonarLint reports issues. You can go deeper and customize SonarLint to best align with your projects and work methods.

Fine tune your rules

In the SonarLint General Settings you can choose which rules should be active or not. You can also mute rules on-the-fly via a quick-fix option, or from the list of issues.

Analyze exactly what you want

You can tell SonarLint which files should not be analyzed. Just right-click on any file, or manage File Exclusions at project level (Configure SonarLint action).

Prefer to work in Visual Studio?
We’ve got you covered there too.

SonarLint plugin available in Visual Studio

Open Source Roots

Fork SonarLint on GitHub and submit pull requests; View our issue tracker.

Latest News

Investigate and fix taint vulnerabilities detected by SonarQube/SonarCloud directly in CLion! Learn more

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