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Install SonarLint in your IDE

SonarLint is a free IDE extension and is available directly from
your favourite IDE marketplace.

Bring Your Team On Board

SonarLint connected teams are efficient, consistent and get more value.
Define Normative

Define Normative

It's about sharing the same rules of the game
When your team defines and adopts a consistent ruleset - better, cleaner code will automatically follow.

Define a ruleset and complement your SonarLint team by establishing a transparent, documented quality standard and expose it right in everyone’s IDE.

The quality standard becomes an ingrained team process without reliance on external oversight. It's also easy to suppress irrelevant rules and avoid unnecessary noise.

Foster Collaboration

Foster Collaboration

It's about tools that help developers discover, discuss and resolve quality issues. Your team collectively owns code quality.
Catches issues in the making and presents them for review directly in pull requests.
Interact with your peers to understand and resolve issues.
Collaboration where it's most effective and the least disruptive.

Assist teammates and offer advice without losing concentration or getting out of the 'zone'. Discuss, resolve and dispose issues as a group right in pull requests.

Raise the Bar

Raise the Bar

Everybody is on board, ready to ship pristine new code and enjoying the new norm. Software quality improves.
Connected Mode catches a new event and sends a Smart Notification to the:
  • Responsible developer
  • Team (if issue breaks the Quality Gate)
"Fixing issues before they exist" becomes the team mantra.
Real-time project dashboards get everyone involved and informed.
Team focus shifts to what really matters - the quality of new code.

Only clean code makes it into the master and your team gets more accomplished as quality improves.

Are you ready to Raise the Bar?

It's easy with SonarLint Connected Mode paired with SonarCloud or SonarQube
In the CloudSonarCloud LogoDetect issues in your Bitbucket, GitHub or Azure DevOps repoGet started
On-PremiseSonarQube LogoThe ultimate code quality tool for on-premise SCMGet started
...and then see how to enable Connected Mode in your IDE: